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ZTE Smartpad V9 Overview

June 9th, 2011


ZTE launched a new tablet pc – ZTE Smartpad V9 at last November. ZTE V9 is the third device for use to access the internet except smart phones and laptops. Because of more lighter, more comprehensive, more open, ZTE V9 Tablet PC can create more possibilities for users.

For young Users - V9 is the third online entertainment terminal device except PSP, MP4. To solve the screen comfort and video,  game resources abundance problem.

For family users - V9 is the third online leisure screen for people except TV set and PC. Solve family entertainment content of terminal and synchronic problem.

For Business men - V9 is the third mobile Internet equipment outside of Smartphone and notebook. Solve the Internet browsing experience insufficient of Smartphone and not easy to carry of notebook problems.

Now let us take a overview at this Smartpad, at the below picture, we can see each place instruction of ZTE V9.

ZTE Smartpad V9 Overview

ZTE V9 Highlights

• Resistive touchscreen
   • Qualcomm MSM7227 600MHz Processor
   • Android 2.1 
   • Supports voice calls in UMTS 2100 MHZ/900 MHZ dual band
   • Internet access through HSUPA networks, with a data download speed of 7.2 Mbps and up to 5.76 Mbps upload speed.
   • A complete range of features including GPS, e-mail, SMS, video and music player, and FM radio
   • Features Bluetooth and WiFi functions
   • Run for up to 250 hours in on-hold mode and 240 minutes in conversation mode
   • It allows storage on Micro SD cards of up to 32GB and will run for 10 hours without a recharge
   • Gravity Sensor Support


ZTE V9 Tablet PC - Lightmake it possible.


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How to Select Your Best 3G Broadband Router

February 16th, 2011

Maybe many people have the confusion about the 3G broadband router. Don’t know which one is best for you, how to do the right selection? Now the belows maybe help for you.

1.       For one user or one computer:

A 3G “aircard” or 3G USB date stick is the best, some product samples: Sierra 305, Huawei E173U, this kind routers have pocket size, very convenient to carry.

2.       For multiple Users:

a.       Which router can provide internet access to ALL of your computers and other wireless-enabled devices like the iPod Touch, Sony PSP, or Nintendo DS would make your EVDO service even more valuable? ( Personal User)

Well, I think the best one is Huawei E583C. It can share 5 WI-FI devices & 6 direct USB connections with one sim card, its 5.76Mbps upstream and 7.2Mbps downstream can support nearly all applications, like games, audios, videos.  It is also the new generation of E585 and E5830, with new design inside, better performance, and more optional functions. Huawei E583C also has the pocket size, a good 3G Router for personal user.

b.       How can I share my mobile broadband access with multiple computers, or other devices that need internet access? ( Home User and Enterprise User)

For families and enterprises users, the best 3G broadband router is Huawei B970 , it has 4 ethernet ports, an analogue port for attaching a phone, WiFi support as well as a connection for an external antenna. When attached via USB to a PC it presents itself in the same as a Huawei USB modem. This gateway router enables you not only to set up a local area network (LAN) flexibly, but also to access the Internet in wireless mode. So if you already has a ethernet network, this one is the best for you, another, Huawei B970 has no limit of users, Support for multiple users to quickly access and networking.

There are many kinds of 3G Broadband Router on the market, different features are available on certain models and there’s a wide price range. So how do you pick one? which one is best for you? take a look at this before you do the choice.


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Use Huawei E583C to Access the Internet Via WiFi Connection

January 17th, 2011

Huawei E583C is the hottest 3G product on the market now. It can maximum support 5 wifi devices and 6 direct USB connections. The below is a guide that use Huawei E583C to access the internet via WiFi connection.

Note: By default, the management parameters are preset on the E583C according to the requirements of the service provider. You can follow the steps below to quickly access the Internet. For the details about how to set the management parameters, see the Help on the Web management page.

Step1: Power on the E583C.

Press and hold until the screen becomes lightened. The E583C is powered on.

Note: Press and hold to power off the E583C.

Step2: Establish a Wi-Fi Connection.(on a PC)

1. Make sure that the Wi-Fi is enabled.

2. Select Start > Control Panel > Network Connections > Wireless Network Connection.

Note: To set up a Wi-Fi connection, the PC must be installed with a wireless network adapter. If Wireless Network Connection is displayed, the wireless network adapter is available. Otherwise, check your wireless network adapter.

3. Click View available wireless networks to display the wireless network list.

4. Select the network that the SSID is the same as that of the E583C, and then click ”connect”.


If the encryption parameter is already set for the E583C, the Wireless Network Connection

dialog box is displayed and requires you to enter the network key and its confirmation.

The SSID and key label is affixed to the E583C.

Wait until the wireless connection icon is displayed in the status area in the lower right corner of the PC screen.

Step3: Access the Internet.

After successfully establishing a Wi-Fi connection, access the Internet in either the Auto or Manual mode. The default mode is Auto.

Mode Operations


After the E583C is powered on, it can automatically connect to the Internet when data transmission is required. If data transmission is not performed over a period of time, the E583C automatically tears down the Internet connection.


Launch the web management page to connect to, or disconnect from, the network as prompted.


Launch the web management page to select the mode for accessing the Internet.

If the E583C is moved to a roaming network, the E583C automatically disconnects the established network connection. If you need to access the Internet in the roaming network, you must re-establish a network connection.


Now enjoy your surfing, and experience the pleasurable that brought from speed.


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B970 Router Basic Set-up

December 30th, 2010


Have a new B970 router, but don’t how to set-up this wireless gateway router. Well, you can do as the user guides instructions, or do as the follow steps:


Step 1: Insert the SIM Card

Remove the SIM card holder from the router. Slide the SIM card into the card slot of the holder withthe golden contact facing upward. Insert the card holder into the router.

Caution: Before inserting or removing the SIM card, you must disconnect the router from the power adapter.

Step 2: Connect to the Power Adapter

Use a power adapter that is compatible with the

router; otherwise, the router may be damaged.

Step 3: Connect the router to a PC

Use either WiFi or an Ethernet cable to connect the router to the PC. The Ethernet cable cannot be longer than 100 meters (328 feet), and to achieve the best results use a shielded cable.

Step 4: Connect to a Telephone

The wireless signal can interfere with the telephone, so please place the telephone at least

one metre from the router.

Step 5: Locating the router

To improve wireless reception, place the router  near a window and as high as possible. The router can be placed horizontally on a table, hanging against the wall, or leaning against the pedestal. Press the clips on the pedestal, and insert the pedestal into the router as shown in the diagram. The pedestal will support the router.

Caution: To avoid interference from the wireless signal, place electrical devices at least one metre from the router.

Step 6: Connect the External Antenna


In areas with weak network signal strength you can attach an external antenna to improve your

connection quality. To do this, connect the external antenna cable to the antenna jack on the main unit making sure it is _ rmly screwed in. Set the antenna switch to external.

Step 7: Power on the router

Press and hold the ON/OFF button on the front of the router to power it on or off.

Step 8: Make a Call

When you hear the dial tone after picking up the

handset, you can make a call.

Step 6: Connect the External Antenna


In areas with weak network signal strength you can attach an external antenna to improve your

connection quality. To do this, connect the external antenna cable to the antenna jack on the

main unit making sure it is _ rmly screwed in. Set the antenna switch to external.

Step 7: Power on the router

Press and hold the ON/OFF button on the front of the router to power it on or off.

Step 8: Make a Call

When you hear the dial tone after picking up the handset, you can make a call.

Step 9: Dial-up Access

By default, the router dials up to access the Internet as required.

Step 10: Protect Yourself

We recommend you change the following settings immediately to secure your wireless router and prevent unauthorised access. Use your internetbrowser to navigate to the router management page (, then select Advanced Settings.

1. Select System, modify the admin password.

2. Select WLAN, then select Advanced Settings, and choose an appropriate encryption method.

Step 11: Advanced con_ guration of the router

If you need to con_ gure the WLAN or other router-related parameters, please access the router management page ( for detailed con_ guration options.

Admin: Has the right to view and modify con_ gurations. The default password is admin.

User: Has the right to view only basic information. The default password is user.

Note: To avoid con_ icting con_ gurations, only one user is allowed to log in to the router

management page at a time.



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Use Huawei E583C To Set Wi-Fi Connection to Game Machine (PSP)

December 20th, 2010


Do you Have a new Huawei E583C hotspot Router, and want to use it to enjoy your PSP Games, but you don’t know how to set it? Following the below steps you can set Wi-Fi connection to your PSP:

Step 1:

Turn on the PSP WLAN switch.

Step 2:

Select Settings > Network Settings.

Step 3:

Select Infrastructure Mode to connect your local Wi-Fi access point.

Step 4:

Select New Connection to specify a mnemonic connection name (such as MyE5).

Step 5:

Select Scan to detect all networks within range. The access point list is displayed.

Step 6:

Select the SSID the same way as you did for the E5. Then press the button of your game machine consecutively to confirm the SSID and to input the Wi-Fi key.

• SSID: The Wi-Fi name of the E5.

• WEP: The Wi-Fi key of the E5.

• The default SSID and key label is affixed to the E5.

Step 7:

Press the button of your game machine to continue, and then press  the X button to save the settings.

Step 8:

Select Test Connection to check the connection. If the test succeeds, you are online successfully.


Step 9:

Finish.  Go to Internet Browser.


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Huawei E583C - New Generation Personal Wi - Fi Hotspot

December 13th, 2010

Huawei E583C - the product, in fact, I want to buy for a long time, because there are many mobile products in hands, two phones, one iPod Touch, one netbook, and I also would like to buy an iPad, if everything must be need of a 3G card, every month will cost more. But this time, Huawei launched its own brand of E583C on the market, I believe there should be a certain appeal.

See E583C at the first time, really thought it was a phone, a large display, mirror design, a bright button at middle. The feeling after taking it in hand is that it is a toy, because it is too light, its net weight only 90 grams includes the battery, this may be less more lighter than DEMO in the electrical shop.

Actually we may be unfamiliar for this brand of “huawei”, but in fact maybe all of us are using its precuts, because the existing mobile telecommunications company launched a number of mobile data services, mobile data unit, mostly Huawei OEM. Today huawei launches its own branded products – E583C, the design, gives a rosy feeling. It is also the new generation of E585 and E5830, with new design inside ,  better performance, and more optional functions.

The set of E583C is very simple, just need plug into the SIM card, via Wi-Fi or USB connected to the computer, you can enter a set interface, this router is almost the same as the general router. And the ability to accept is very good, it also can receive signal even separated by a wall, and the normal on to the network.

The disadvantage of Huawei E583C is that its battery will be wore out after three hours uninterrupted use. So maybe we can buy another E583C battery HB7A1H  for on the go use.

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Huawei E583C Makes “Wi-Fi in Your pocket” Possible

December 6th, 2010


This July,  Huawei Debuts next-generation personal mobile Wi-Fi device - Huawei E583C. Users can use this 3G wireless router to enjoy high-speed Internet surfing anytime, anywhere.

The E5, Huawei’s first-generation mobile Wi-Fi device, set the trend in Asia for mobile Wi-Fi hot spots, and had achieved unprecedented successes around the world, including the UK, Hong Kong, and Japan. Based on the solid foundation of E5, Huawei has made further improvements in E583C’s performance and stability. With an E583C in their pockets or bags, users will be able to enjoy immediate access to mobile broadband network anytime, anywhere, without the encumbrance of cable connections.

Huawei E583C can support up to five Wi-Fi-enabled digital devices. It can also provide simultaneous internet access to six direct USB connection. It has fashionable design and it is handy to carry(its weight is about 90g), and comes with a 1-inch color OLED display which can clearly show information such as operator-network details, signal strength, Wi-Fi connection status, and battery level.

E583C is also a plug-and-play device, this eliminates the hassle of installing and cable trouble. And its 5.67Mbps upstream and 7.2Mbps downstream enables easy wireless data transmission or online gaming on a wide range of Wi-Fi-enabled digital devices, including iPads, iPod Touchs, netbooks, laptop computers, portable multimedia centers, game consoles, personal digital assistants (PDAs), handsets and digital cameras. Business executives, particularly when working away from the office, as well as gadget lovers can now experience the excitement of on-the-go wireless internet.

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Two best 3G Wireless Routers for iPad

November 30th, 2010


Trendy Choice:  Huawei E583C

Support network:  Only one sim card needed to connect the world

Power supply mode: Build-in lithium battery (1400mAh)

Connect Internet Way: Build-in SIM card slot

Reference Price: $200

Huawei E583C is one of the first-generation E5 mobile Wi-Fi devices. When it is connected to the 3G wireless network, it can also establish a Wi-Fi wireless network that allows the surrounding WiFi-enabled equipments ( such as mobile phones, notebook computers ) access the WiFi wireless network.

Huawei E583C Packet Items


Huawei E583C has a quadrate appearance and sleek corners. On the front panel, there is one power switch and one WPS switch, the design is simple but not lose the elegant style. The transmission speeds of this 3G wireless router can achieve uplink 1.8Mbps, Downlink 3.1Mbps, it can connect to PC, mobile phones and other Wi-Fi equipments, allow up to five Wi-fi users to share the 3G network.


Nobler Choice:  D-Link DIR-457U

Support network:  Compatible with a wide-range of mobile service networks

Power supply mode: Build-in lithium battery(1330mAh)

Connect Internet Way: Build-in SIM card slot

Reference Price: $180

DIR-457U is a D-Link introduced super-mini-portable 3G router. The pure white appearance,is very match with apple products. In terms of size, this DIR-457U is only a business card size, very easy to carry.

D-Link DIR-457U

This 3.75G HSUPA Router allows you to connect to a 3.75G mobile network and share a 3.75G mobile connection with PCs and wireless devices within the area. Firewall and wireless security features are also included for safe remote connections.

These two 3G wireless routers both have a compact design, this is very convenient for our daily carry. We can put them in the pocket, and thus there will be a carry-on wireless local area network at any time around us. Best choice for our iPad.



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Philippines’s 3G network coverage fraction is 80% parades

September 26th, 2010





In recent years, in the Philippine telecommunication market, the Philippine Government’s development priorities will concentrate is moving and the broadband business, the mobile service high speed development, causes the Philippines entire national economy the growth. The Philippines is the archipelago country, is for the mobile service high speed development, after having realized in 1994 the telecommunication liberalization, Philippines mobile phone service E585 rapidly expand, advantageous, the solid catches fish is excessively only the comparison high develops slowly as the cost. By the end of 2006, Philippines’s user quantity’s mobile phone number 43,000,000 households, the popular rate is 50%, prepaid expenses’ family’s proportion reaches as high as approximately 90%; At the same time, Philippines’s solid words user’s telephone number is: Only the approximately 300 households, and drop year by year. In this aspect, Philippines’s fixed-line telephone operators no longer expanded the network, but carries on the reconstruction to them, provides the wide band service for the user. Now the Philippine fixed-line telephone network capacity’s use factor approximately is 50%, the main operator’s backbone network had already realized the digitization. This bill is wide band operation market main melody Philippines operator quantity is numerous, the main solid net operator has the state-operated telecommunication company Philippines Long-distance telephone call Company, Digitel, INNOVE and the Bayan telecommunication company. These 4 fixed operator’s number of users sum total approximately composes the entire market the three-dimensional word 90%, the main operator has the bill closure, SMART and PILTEL, its user quantity’s sum total bill approximately composes the entire market 95% bills. The Philippine Government will plan in the future 3 ? 5 years, these main operators 5,000,000,000 to 70.100 US dollars investments develop their network, this will start between the mobile equipment provider new round to compete inevitably. At present, China’s Hua Wei, the resurgence as well as Nokia, Ericsson, Aerkate, Cisco, Fujitsu, north the electricity and Gao Tonghe and so on international giant already entered Philippines’s mobile equipment market. The Philippine Long-distance telephone call Company is the Philippine tradition entire service operator, at present still occupied the market dominant position in fixed and the two-way charges for cellular phones market the approximately 60% proportions. At present, the Philippine Long-distance telephone call Company develops 3G, next generation network, wireless wide band and optical fiber network positive appraisal. in 2006, mainly grows 41% in the Philippine Long-distance telephone call consolidation of corporation in 2005 capital outlay, amounts to 211.100 pesos (44,000.1 US dollars), is constructing the 3G modem network, 150,000 next generation networks, 2300 wireless wide band base depots as well as dilatancy Philippines country use digit optical fiber network majority. in 2007, was still higher than 200.10 pesos, the Philippine Long-distance telephone call Company’s capital outlay, probably is 200.10 ? 220.100 pesos (420,000,000 ? 46,000 spot 〇 〇 〇 ten thousand US dollars). The Philippines first big moved operator SMART the way and third big mobile communication operator PILTEL is the Philippine Long-distance telephone call Company and the Subordinate company, the Philippine Long-distance telephone call corporate capital total amount was already intelligent, but intelligent PILTEL92.1% stock. By the end of 2006, the intelligent user cardinal number already surpassed 25,000,000, including 17,600,000 “the intelligent buddy”, “intelligent gold medal” and “intelligence infinite” the service user, as well as PILTEL has 7,400,000 “course ' ntext” user. PILTEL was the Philippines first two-way charges for cellular phones service camp manages business in 2004 SMART the end of the year, already purchased the PILTEL shareholder’s right, the combine and it talks over the telephone &apos to be most; ntext brand. Promoted the GSM service in 1999 SMART, participated in 2006 February has taken the lead in the Philippines to demonstrate, has implemented the WCDMA service, and in May video frequency telephone conversation, content downloading and the network glanced over 1 free provides the service and so on the same year the forward user. Up to April, 2006, the intelligent WCDMA user approximately is 100,000 households. At the same time, but also coordinated intelligent Nokia to complete the HSDPA system’s test, the initial period has planned the host to push the HSDPA transmission card, has won the high-end commerce user. GLOBETELECOM is the Philippine second big migration operator, at the end of 2006 15,700,000 mobile subscribers, 95% family user prepaid expenses, the creation income has approximately composed the gross income 77%. in 2006, Earth’s capital outlay grand total is 14,830,000,000 pesos (308,000,000 US dollars), is mainly in the 2G network dilatancy and USB modem’s 3G network construction land. By the end of 2006, Earth 2G network has covered Philippine 94% and 98% population area, the total 3G standpoint has achieved 5884,2005 5159 grew 14%. in 2007, the Earth pays the E585 approximately 30,005.10 US dollars capitals, is deepening the 2G network cover, the acceleration wide band network deployment and the promotion essential 3G facility use. Constructs in November, 2006 in the 3G network, the acceleration is getting bigger and bigger, along with to the wide band tetherless access’s demand, the user is bigger, Philippine Country Telecommunication Committee (NTC) in the agreement uses 2300 - 2400MHz and 3300 - 3400MHz the frequency band WiMAX promotion and the application. Has prepared 5 3G license plate board in the NTC grand total, three assignment’s WCDMA operators, other two appoint CDMA2000 and the independent TDD operator. SMART and the global plan in December leading role, the WCDMA license plate which in 2005 obtains, in 2006 January established (CONNECTIVITYUN LIMITEDRESOU RCESENTERPRISES) with the operator DIGITEL solidification also to adopt the NTC confirmation newly, has obtained the 3G license plate. According to the Philippine Government’s stipulation, obtains the 3G license plate’s operator completes before 2007 the 3G network construction, most last ten days of the month starts in 2008 to provide the 3G service, and in five years in which, when 3G service start, the coverage fraction must achieve 80%. After welcome the Chinese telecommunication, entered “the trade in services agreement” China and the ASEAN country signs the association, the Philippines reduces the Chinese Enterprise to enter this country market and the commercial service, the telecommunication, the construction and the project, the environment and the traveling threshold value and so on. In Chinese operator this is the turning point, enters the condition, very little uses 3G the foreign capital to start to start, the attempt has developed Philippines’s next generation telecommunication services market internationalization accumulation experience. In E585 the telecommunication equipment market aspect, the Chinese manufacturer and so on is bright in China, the resurgence already entered the Philippine market. in 2005, Philippine telecommunication operator SunCellular reaches as high as this company’s cost of investment high 20,000.1 US dollar dilatancy project to give China, this project mainly additionally builds 700 two-way charges for cellular phones base depot. In addition, Philippine New Sharp Operator MTI Corporation also chose at the end of 2004, the strategy partner which the resurgence communication adopted. The resurgence communication pledged that serves MTI Corporation Corporation to be comprehensive in Philippine capital Manila area CDMA20001X + EV - DO network construction MTI. These project’s success implementation, further developed the Chinese Telecommunication Enterprise Philippines market to lay the good foundation. Reads aloud the demonstration correspondence the Latin character spelling book - examination dictionary detailed content



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3G delay may cost Thailand THB50bn in 2010-2011 investment

September 21st, 2010

AT T and Verizon will launch the contest in the 4G communication services domain - 3gmodems blog - www.3gmodem.com.hk




According to the overseas media reported that AT& T and Verizon will launch the contest in the 4G communication services domain. The American wireless operator VerizonWireless announcement plan 30 big cities which is in the American country rugby alliance (NFL) team promotes 4G at the end of this year the LTE network. But American another wireless operator AT& T also indicated that the intermediate stage will promote the LTE commercial service in 2010, and covers 7000 - 75,000,000 populations at the end of 2011. The analyst estimated that Verizon promotes for the first time the 4G network’s downloading speed will be situated between each second 5M to 12M, but will upload the speed also to achieve is situated between each second 2M to arrive at 5M, when will respond the auxiliary pole will be short. Along with its 4G network’s gradual consummation, fast will also improve to later period this network. the 4G network has the high speed transmission function, can cause the radio equipment rep to process well including the movie, the medical phantom and the large-scale interactive game to the bandwidth request high document and the application procedure. the 4G network’s increased speed might also to just be at the start stage the numerous technical new product to provide the similar support, these products including network flow sensor, embedded intelligent application as well as intelligent electrical network huawei E585 and so on. Although the US moved operator MetroPCS the first section network handset to obtain the FCC authorization recently based on 4G the LTE, what but in the present market did not have an intelligent handset to use was the 700MHz frequency band. In the following several months, the 4G network will unfold gradually will stimulate a large quantities of handset producer to promote directly to the user uses the 700MHz frequency band the intelligent handset. At present Verizon is discussing positively for the notebook promotes the LTE network data card, but whether apple does iPhone become the first section to use the LTE network intelligence handset’s guess to make one anticipate. Several months, about and AT& After T own power of sale due, the apple must promote Verizon version iPhone the news frequency to be present. Once Verizon completes by the end of the year in the American 30 big cities promotes 4G the LTE network the E585 plan, then promotes uses LTE network iPhone the plan to be very possible to be during the fermentation.



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